Which WordPress Theme is used on that Website?

Have you ever surfed the Internet and found a website with a really nice awesome design and wondered what WordPress theme is this site using? I have! There are a couple of simple ways to find out which WordPress theme is used which I thought you might find useful.

Divi WordPress Theme

First you want to check if WordPress is used as a CMS and one best tool is Chrome Sniffer as inspect which web framework and CMS running on current browsing website. If a CMS detected an icon will appear in address bar displaying which CMS / Framework that was discovered.

Another way to discover if WordPress is installed on a website is to use the free web service BuiltWith. Just enter the address in the search field and all possible useful information is displayed on the website you have chosen and what Content Management Systems are used.

What WordPress Theme a Site is Using

Ok, folks! Back to the bottom line! Time to find out which WordPress Theme is used on a specific website? You can check the source code and find out what theme are used, but there are better ways to obtain more information and here are two really great and useful web tools.

What WordPress Theme Is That 

Online Tool -  What WordPress Theme Is That

This is a great free online tool to quickly detect what WordPress theme a website uses! What WordPress Theme Is That also discovers parent and child themes. More information displayed is theme name, author, version, license and also which plugins that are installed. This is an useful and great tool for obtaining information about what WordPress theme a website uses!

WordPress Theme Detector

Online Tool - WordPress Theme Detector

WordPress Theme Detector is a similar tool to What WordPress Theme Is That. This is a tool that can be used to find out details about what WordPress theme and plugins currently being used by a particular site. It analyzes the website and displays the results in an informative and organized manner. WordPress Theme Detector is also a very useful online tool to quickly obtain information about which WordPress theme is used on a specific website?

I hope you can have great use for these online tools to find out what WordPress theme is used on that particular website! When browsing the web you will find many stylish and attractive web sites and sometimes you just want to know which theme is being used!

Now you can check what WordPress theme a site is using in a few easy ways! Cheers!


Peter is a big fan of WordPress and loves to write about WordPress, themes and plugins. You find him here at WP Daily Themes all the time! Cheers!

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