Little Auk – A Free Minimalist WordPress Theme

Little Auk - A Free Minimalist WordPress Theme

Little Auk - A Free Minimalist WordPress Theme

” The Little Auk, or Dovekie (Alle alle), is a small auk, the only member of the genus Alle. It breeds on islands in the high Arctic. There are two subspecies: A. a. alle breeds in Greenland, Iceland, Novaya Zemlya and Spitsbergen, and A. a. polaris on Franz Josef Land. – Wikipedia. ”

Little Auk is a beautiful, elegant and minimalist free WordPress Theme designed by Frédéric Serva who is running the web design service Ten Birds Flying. Maybe you remember, or even use his popular theme Kw.po? This was an immensely popular theme that has been downloaded more than a thousand times. I promise that the theme Little Auk is also going to be a big hit.

The theme features a beautiful look and feel. It comes in two colors, light and dark. You can use the theme for various niches such as personal blog, present and display photos or for other similar purposes. The design is responsive, clean and spacious. Little Auk is simply designed to put your content in focus in the best possible way.

Little Auk - A Free Minimalist WordPress Theme

The theme comes bundled with some great features and options as you can see below. Little Auk is also released under the GNU General Public License version 3.0 So you can use this theme in personal and commercial projects without any restrictions.

Personally I think this is a beautiful WordPress theme out of the ordinary. Frédéric Serva is an excellent web and theme designer and I hope you like his latest theme Little Auk.

  • WordPress 3.8+, 3.9+, 4.0+ compatible
  • WordPress menu support
  • Theme options page (logo / dark or light)
  • Google Analytics ready
  • Custom page: Archives (automatically added on theme activation)
  • Dropcaps shortcodes
  • Translation-ready (contains .po/.mo files)
  • Threaded comments

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