Koda – A Modern, Hassle-Free, And Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Nowadays, it is easier to build a website for any purpose. Whether you are building a website for your fashion blog, small eCommerce store, home business, corporation, portfolio, or any other purposes, you will always find a good WordPress theme for it. But, things will become a bit more complicated when you need to build various types of websites over a long period of time. It is impossible for you to buy a new WordPress theme for each website that you build, because it will simply cost you thousands of dollars just to buy the themes alone.

So, what is the solution? The simplest solution is to use a good multi-purpose WordPress theme for all your website building needs. A multi-purpose WordPress theme can be used to build any type of website, so you don’t need to buy a theme for every website that you build. You simply buy one multi-purpose WordPress theme, and you are good to go. You can use the same theme again and again in your next web design project.

But again, choosing a good multi-purpose WordPress theme is not so easy. There are thousands of such themes on the internet, so how can you pick the right one? The simplest answer is Koda. It is a modern, hassle-free, and creative multi-purpose WordPress theme that you can use right now.

What Is Koda?


Koda is an advanced, easy-to-customize, and creative multi-purpose WordPress theme that you can use to build any type of websites. This theme is made by theAlThemist, one of the best theme providers in ThemeForest. There are various layouts provided by this theme, and you can choose the layout based on the niche that you are in. If you want to build an eCommerce website, there is a layout for that. If you want to build a simple portfolio website, there is also a layout for that. There are other layouts that are available in Koda, which will be included in your theme installation.

Koda offers various features, including parallax scrolling, typing text rotator, various layout designs, great performance, PHP7 compatible, many header variants, and much more. The strongest selling point of this theme is the performance and easy customization that it offers. This theme practically allows you to make unlimited customizations to your theme design, with each design guaranteed to have a great performance both for your audience and the search engine. The SEO performance of this theme is very good, since it is coded properly according to the SEO best practices.


Not only the various features that it offers, Koda also has a really good reputation in the world of WordPress theme design. This theme is an award-winning WordPress theme in CSSReel, which means that it is one of the best WordPress themes available out there. It won the CSS Website Design award by CSSReel, along with 11 other exceptional themes made by various WordPress theme providers. Koda can be used for both personal and business websites, in any niche.

Here is the list of features that is offered in this theme:

  • More than 200 predesigned pages
  • Best support for users
  • Fast loading time and best performance
  • Optimized for SEO
  • Boost the speed by 30% with PHP7 compatibility
  • Animated canvas backgrounds
  • Various header variants
  • Various portfolio layouts
  • 4 Blog variants
  • Visual composer
  • Revolution slider
  • Countdown daily deals
  • Powerful mega menu
  • Google Maps
  • Search suggestions
  • Product quick view
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Unlimited colors and backgrounds
  • Third-party plugin integration

And many, many more features.

Main Features

Since there are too many features to cover, I will cover a few most important features of this theme. These features are the best features that you can get when you use this theme for your website.

More Than 200 Predesigned Pages


You want to build pages for eCommerce? Check. You want to build pages for your portfolio website? Check. You want to build pages for your blog? Check. This theme offers hundreds of predesigned pages that can meet your every design needs.

Fast Loading Time And Best Performance

Every website needs a good SEO to ensure that it ranks well on the search engine. The most important elements of SEO include your website loading speed and performance. These elements are also necessary for great user experience.

Various Header Variants

If you want to build a reputable website, you have to focus on your website header. This is because your website header is the place where you build your business brand. The many header variants of this theme allow you to choose the best header design for your website.

Various Portfolio Layout

Also, if you want to build a portfolio website using this theme, you can choose the Various layout option for your portfolio website. You can choose the one that meets with your preferences, and more importantly, you can choose the one that allows you to present your work in the best way.

Third-party Plugin Integration

A good theme won’t mean anything if it cannot work with various available plugins out there. Fortunately, this theme has a high compatibility with the third-party plugins that are available for WordPress. So, you don’t need to worry about whether you can use certain plugins with this theme or not. It supports most of the third-party plugins that are available for WordPress. Even though it doesn’t support your plugin, you can always contact the support team, and they will gladly help you to fix any problem that you might experience.

Final Thoughts

It is a lot simpler to build any type of website using a good multi-purpose WordPress theme, instead of buying each theme whenever you need to build a new website. The good thing is that Koda provides the best multi-purpose WordPress theme that you can use for a long time. No matter what type of website that you want to build, this theme has the layout for you. It has hundreds of page design ready for you to use, and it also has various header variants that will keep your website unique.

Koda also gives an abundance of features that are not available in any other themes. Since it is an award-winning theme, you don’t need to doubt about the quality of this theme. It is just one of the best modern, creative, and easy-to-customize multi-purpose WordPress theme that you can pick for your website design projects.

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