Top Free Themes From ColorLib

ColorLib is a Latvian-based WordPress theme provider, which focuses on providing a complete solution for anyone who wants to start a new blog from scratch with WordPress. Thus, this company doesn’t focus only on providing various WordPress themes, whether free or paid, but it also focuses on providing hosting services, as well as blog creation services for anyone who needs it. The goal of the company is to provide simple and high performance WordPress themes for various purposes.

The theme collections that are provided on the official website are still very limited, with some best themes being recommended for new users, such as Activello, Illdy, Shapely, Sparkling, Dazzling, Travelify, Unite, and Pinbin. In addition to providing the best WordPress themes, the company also gives theme recommendations from various other WordPress theme providers as well.

ColorsLib offers many premium quality free themes mostly for general blogging and business blogging purpose. Here are some top themes offered by them. The company is regarded for good quality Wordpress themes.