5 Free & Excellent WordPress Theme Frameworks to Download

Free & Excellent WordPress Theme Frameworks

Free & Excellent WordPress Theme Frameworks

For all those WordPress designers as well as developers, who are often, work with WordPress, theme frameworks as well as starter theme can have a huge impact on competence. Using WordPress theme frameworks, they can reduce their some kind of repetitive work that they are doing with a custom theme. Today, WordPress designers and developers can find lots of frameworks that come with some extra features to make themes more powerful in terms of functionalities.

However, there are lots of ways how any designer can approach the entire process of developing custom WordPress-based websites as well as WordPress themes. Moreover, theme framework is a modern word for starter theme and it is also based on sturdy code foundation, which provides some common features like useful scripts, starter template files, meaningful CSS and more.

If you are looking for some excellent WordPress theme frameworks to download for your WordPress website, I have gathered 5 free yet effective WordPress theme frameworks that you download for your site to enjoy number of features:


WordPress Theme Frameworks - Bones

Bones is a sleek and flexible theme framework that built on HTML5 Boilerplate engine that used by Google, NASA, Microsoft and other various popular companies. This framework comes in two different variations such as classic as well as responsive.

When it comes to talk about the classic version of it, it is built on the 960 Grid, while the responsive version offers you some starting point to design for different devices. It is not one such framework on which you can develop child themes, but it can be used for project template.

Exclusive Features of Bones: 

  • Easy to add and remove features
  • Standards-compliant HTML5 and CSS3
  • WordPress header optimized for performance
  • Mobile-first Approach
  • Custom Tutorial on working with the theme
  • Custom dashboard functions included
  • Clean and well-commented code


WordPress Theme Frameworks - WhiteBoard

Whiteboard is another great theme framework that comes with core WordPress structure to keep it from being bloated, so there is no need to start each project by removing half of the code. WhiteBoard comes with excellent features including multilingual compatibility, HTML5, the Less Framework, CSS3 and more. It provides various excellent classes as well as IDs than compare to other frameworks.

Some Cool Features of it:

  • Lightweight and well-structured code
  • Easy to remove extra parts
  • Built-in Less framework for full mobile support
  • Widest choice of exclusive classes and IDs
  • Supports for header management, menu, several widget areas, background and more.


WordPress Theme Frameworks - Gantry

Gantry is a free yet effective theme framework by the RocketTheme dev that is known for its extensive range of theme-building into an effective theme framework. It is compatible with Joomla along with WordPress that expands the usability of this single CMS.

Possibly, it is the most powerful and feature-rich free framework that shows lots of features like built-in extendable AJAX, a configurable admin interface, lots of widgets and so on. If you are looking to get an excellent theme framework for your WordPress site, Gantry is a great option.

Dynamic Features to look:

  • Multiple built-in custom widgets
  • Completely responsive based on the 960 grid system
  • Obtainable for both Joomla and WordPress
  • 38 Possible Layout combinations
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Clear code optimized for performance and speed


WordPress Theme Frameworks - Thematic

When it comes to Thematic theme framework, it is a free yet versatile WordPress theme framework that stuffed with lots of features like grid-based layout samples, a whole community, 13 widget-ready areas, styling for popular plugins and more.

All the WordPress developers and designers can make use of this framework to get end-to-end features; however, this framework also comes with some additional features that mentioned below:

  • Free and commercially supported Child Themes are available for upgrading the theme
  • A wiki-editable guide to Thematic customization
  • Additional widget-ready areas and more in Child Theme
  • Ready for WordPress plugins such as Subscribe to Comments, Comment-license and more


WordPress Theme Frameworks - Ashford

Last, but not least is Ashford framework, it is a flexible yet versatile theme framework that known for its quality and performance. Packed with numerous features, this theme framework is a great choice for all the WordPress designers and developers. When it comes to talk about talk about some additional features of this framework, mega-menus, mobile support and layout builder are great features. This theme framework is great for those people, who are looking to utilize with its premium features.

Some Wonderful Features of Ashford:

  • 33 customizable theme options
  • Widget-ready
  • CMS framework enhancing the generic WordPress core
  • Search engine optimized
  • 18 custom page templates
  • Advanced blogging features including social sharing, related posts, RSS comments

So, these are the best and wonderful WordPress theme frameworks that can be used by WordPress designers and developers. It is also possible for you to get your desired theme framework by hiring a professional WordPress framework developer.

Summary: “Are you looking to get some wonderful and feature-rich WordPress theme frameworks for your website? If yes, here I have listed 5 best and excellent WordPress themes frameworks that you can use in your site to give expand its capability”.

Author Bio:

I am Joseph Herb, professional WordPress Developer, with Perception System since 5 years. I have an expertise in developing WP sites and blogs for various industries. While am not developing, I like to share my development knowledge through my articles and blogs. For more about WordPress development services click here.

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  1. Great post and overview! Having a theme framework when starting to develop a wp theme makes the development process so much faster, as you can start with something that is proven to work great! Very nice summary!

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