Customize Your Comments With Funky WordPress Snippets

Funky WordPress Snippets

Funky WordPress Snippets

Over the time the way you see the phrases over the section of WordPress comments have changed a lot. A majority of these customizations you visualize for this particular section could be very easily made via the theme files, which will help you in getting the polished comments section that you could be keen in seeing without actually blowing up your website even by including a couple of more plugins.

And the fact is you do not have to be a technical person or a programmer to carry out these customizations over the comments section of WordPress. The fact is by adding few simple codes and a couple of easy customization instructions you could make the difference over this place.

The below is the list of ways or tips, which can help you in customizing your comment section with the help of funky WordPress snippets.

Let’s check them out as under:

Displaying several comments or trackbacks

A majority of templates start their comments section with the help of a message as per the presence of a number of comments over there. However, if you are keen to showcase the comment tally like for instance posting over the top, you could certainly do with the help of a code snippet.

In fact, seeking the help of snippet can enable you to put the comment tally and the message anywhere over one-page loop along with customizing your message that return to nil, single or several responses. So for the template file – content single.php, you have the raw code, which you could find out over the web and paste to see the needful results. Also, the instructions could be checked over the web, which are simple to try and doesn’t need any technical background.

Customizing your default Avatar

There are many blog visitors who are simply not registered over Gravatar, hence their avatar will be seen as the image set as the default by you. If you are keen to add some amount of personality in your comments section, you have the choice of creating a unique one for your blog or site. All you need is the raw code, for the template file functions.php, which could be easily found over the web along with the right set of instructions to use it. Using the code the instructions, you could end up placing the images as per your whims and fancies and help in getting the right look and feel for your blog or site visitors.

Removing the URL or several other fields over the Contact Form

Generally the fields that come as default at the contact forms include name, email address, site, and comment. Though these fields are common ones found in any form yet few would prefer to add a couple by replacing some of these over these forms like the site field since this is the one, which is exploited the most by the spammers. With the simple changes carried out over the functions.php file you could certainly take off several unwanted kinds of fields over the flash. All you need to do is to find out the raw code for the template file functions.php and use them accordingly to replace few fields in the contact forms.

Keeping your blog/site from Pinging itself

It is always a good idea to get the trackbacks from the websites, which have been linked to your articles. It is not appropriate to get pinged all the time especially while linking within your own site. Before you could think of reaching out to this particular plugin think of adding a simple kind of snippet over your functions. All you need to do is to add the raw code for the template file of functions.php of your blog or site, which is done simply by pasting the codes, hence in this way it remains the simplest one to try.

Customizing the text- ‘Leave a Reply’

If you find the phrase Leave a Reply a bit old and pretty impersonal to you then you have the option of changing the same using the appropriate raw code. All you need to do is to find out the relevant raw code for the template file called the comment.php in a right way to see another phrase like ‘add your two cents here’ or any other text phrase of your choice desire over this place and see the difference.

Final word

The above set of funky snippets could really help in adding the zing element over your comment section. All you need to do is to precisely find the raw codes along with the set of instructions over the web and end up seeing things the way you want.

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