Get a FREE Theme Installation at MOJO Themes for the month of March!

Have MOJO Themes gone mad! I hope not, but they have a great offer for the month of March! They offer free WordPress and theme installation for any and everybody! I don’t not know what you think, but in my opinion it cannot get much better than this!

Whether you have bought the theme from MOJO Themes or anywhere else, just sign up for a free account and they install the theme for free!

How it Works

1. Get Your Theme – Whether you purchased a theme from Mojo-Themes or not, they will install the theme for FREE!

2Sign Up or Login – Sign up for a free account on Mojo-Themes and fill out the installation request form.

Don’t have an account?

It’s easy and only takes a quick minute. Sign Up Here. Already have an account? No problem – Just go to MOJO Themes and Login.

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