Google Glass: A Flasback and Fast-forward

A Flasback and Fast-forward - Google Glass

A Flasback and Fast-forward - Google Glass

When it was conceived in 2009, the main goal of Google Ventures was to collaborate, build and fund other portfolio companies to market, recruit, engineer and design various products for Google.

Startup Lab was also included in this Google investment arm. Google considers Startup Lab as an educational and facility program for companies, who would like to work, meet, learn and share ideas.

According to their recent statements, within five years, Google Ventures is bound to invest more than $1 billion in various technological innovations to help Google improve. To date, Google has invested in 150 companies, which includes 23andMe, CircuitHub, UberSense, SweetLabs, Miso Media and Republic Project.

Relatively, news reports now state that Google is gearing towards a new project entitled The Glass Collective with its new partners namely: Andreessen Horowitz and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. Glass is a new product that looks like a futuristic eyeglass. This new innovative product boasts of being handsfree, has the different functions of a typical computer and can even translate the voice of its user to a different language.  Bill Maris, the Google Ventures vice president announced this through a post last April 10 at the Google Official Blog.

Maris was later present at the Google Ventures press briefing on the same date. He spoke of the new partnership and he illustrated the functions of The Glass Collective.

An article from Forbes magazine quoted Maris: “At Google Ventures we’re not beholden to the traditional way things are done. We could think creatively about what we could do here.

The Glass project is now creating a buzz in the tech world. Many internet and computer savvies are showing their interest regarding this new venture as seen in forums and blog posts.

Various news reports confirmed that Glass is to be assembled by the renowned Foxconn, a Taiwanese tech device maker in Santa Clara California.

Google has created numerous steps to further launch Glass. Through a post in the Google Official Blog, the search engine giant has announced that selected applicants are permitted to buy the 8,000 sets of Google Glass after a validated test that would approve its use.

Most tech savvies may recall that Google had a test project for Glass last February. Google even invited interested applicants. These applicants submitted proposals for them to be permitted to buy Glass and be included in its development.

Those who passed the evaluation are bound to pay $1,500 including the taxes. They shall get the product during some special events in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. Glass is set to be released for the public in 2014.

Glass will surely leave most techies drooling after Google demonstrated the cool third party applications for the device early March this year. The demonstration was done during the annual South by Southwest Conference (SXSW). In addition, Glass also has prescription lenses for consumers who have vision difficulties.

Rumors have it that the next generation Glass was already seen in the market even before the launch of the first batch was initiated. However, these seem farfetched as the device is still on its initial stages.

This transformative product will definitely sell like pancakes in the market because of its versatility and uniqueness.

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