How to Stop WordPress Twilight Zone

Stop WordPress Twilight Zone

Your Web site looks great!  Then all of a sudden, it starts taking ages to complete updates and add new material.  First thing that always comes to mind is, “What has happened to the speed of my site.”You have just entered into the “Twilight Zone.” The first thing you do is call your hosting site to verify that there is no problem and you have enough bandwidth.  If you get an ok on that, where do you go next?

Steps to Prevent the Twilight Zone

1. First, Check your Internet speeds.  Make sure that the speed is still what you expect.  Do you need to find a faster service?  Resetting your modem is always a good idea.  Turn it off and disconnect all connections for about 1 minute.  Restart and connect all cables.

2. Second, if the first one didn’t help it could be a problem with plugins.  Sometimes the plugins used on your site, may be poorly configured and will slow down your load time on your site.  Also, too many plugins can have the same effect.  How do you know which ones are the culprit?  Try checking to make sure you are using all the plugins, if not, take time to clean up and delete those no longer needed.

Stop WordPress Twilight Zone with P3 PluginNext, downloading a plugin like P3 from the plugin menu, select the add button, search for P3 in the plugin section, then download the program.   This sounds strange since you are being told a plugin may be your problem, but trust me.  Now, start the scan.  P3 plugin when installed will run a test on your site and create a performance report on your plugins and indicate their impact on your site’s load time.  Use the information to decide which plugins are taking the most time.  You may find your program easily and just deactivate the plugin.  If you have several that show to be using up time loading, start with the ones you can live without and start deactivating each one, doing a check after each to determine if that helped stop the slow loading time.  Some of the SEO plugins can really slow your speed and maybe you can just live without them.

That was one of my problems on a blog.  I love to use plugins, but I also want my site to respond quickly.  It may be a trade off and you will have to decide which are the most important plugins you can’t live without and those that are borderline just get rid of them.  The P3 plugin will produce several graphs that you can print and supply to your web site manager if you have one.  The information will be valuable to them.

3. Third, if the problem still exists, you may need to install other programs such as Wordfence.  Wordfence monitors your site against attacks that come from fictitious sites that may be setting up codes without your knowledge, for accessing your site without your knowledge.  This can also slow down or interfere with the normal codes of your plugins.  If will also show you how many times someone tries to hack into your site everyday which is astonishing.

Speed is Still Key

Speed up your blog for better ranking

Having a great looking web site with valuable information is important to being successful online.  However, if it is slow during the loading process you can lose valuable visitors.  You need your traffic to increase not decrease.  Taking some time to tune-up your site is always a good idea even if your site is operating fine right now.  The key is to not find yourself in the Twilight Zone.

About author: This is a guest blog written by Mark Chandley, President of Adeptiv Solutions, an order fulfillment company based in New York.

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