Important Features of WordPress

WordPress is most of the important content management system (CMS) that people are using now a days.

Millions of websites are made with WordPress. Millions of people make free blogs on for business marketing.

WordPress is very easy to use and make blogs as people need. There are many websites that use WordPress for new updates and post regularly. In this article we discuss the importance and features of and from different aspects.

WordPress – Create a blog

You can easily create a blog through You just give some email information and get registered free. Millions of users make different free blogs for marketing and other niches.

WordPress – Blogging

Important Features of WordPress

Blogging is a most significant term that are used for business marketing. It is easy to use WordPress if they want to advertising and marketing for your products and services. This content management system is very user friendly for daily post and updates and at the same time they provide different social media like and sharing buttons where people can share our posts on a regular basis. People can also put pictures and videos on the blog for advertising and marketing purposes.

WordPress – Free Themes

Important Features of WordPress

With WordPress, everyone can use both free and paid themes. Is a very easy way to start your marketing. On the other side when this type of content management system was not introduced, people have to hire a developer to code a website from the ground. Now there are so many themes that are available on the internet. You can select different theme as you need. Maybe you want a theme where the home page are focused on pictures, portfolio or other topics.

WordPress – Free Plugins

There are tons of plugins that you easily can install in WordPress when using self hosted installations. Some of them are:

  • Akismet: This free plugin is providing you a privacy tool in which you can manage your side with yourself. Majority People put comments with our website links to your site that is very dangerous for your sites that are why people use this plugin that is not allowed spam comments.
  • XML Sitemaps: It makes a map of our site. This plugin is very useful for search engine to do how navigate our site.
  • Social share plugin: This free plugins are very important for everyone. User use this plugin to share our post on different social media channels such as Facebook, twitter, linked etc..
  • All-in-One SEO: This plug-in is free. It is very helpful to rank in Google search engine for different keywords. It’s also having a paid version in which people use social media marketing.

Finally, there are a lot of advantages of WordPress that millions of people utilize without investing a single penny to increase your sales and productivity. All important features of WordPress are very user friendly and there is no need to hire any developer to make or change anything on our website.