[Infographic] WordPress the Emerging Monopoly in CMS

WordPress CMS

WordPress just continues to increase in popularity and grow as a CMS (content management system) and in March 2012 WordPress grew as the largest of its type with 72.4 million users.

The other day I read a fascinating Infographic from WPTemplate.com with WordPress statistics such as 50% of the CMS users and more than 45% of the top 100 sites as rated by Technorati use WP services.

22 of every new domains created in the Us are running WordPress. Examples of sites using WordPress includes Honda, The NFL, New York Times, Ford, CNN, NASA, Tech Crunch. WP boasts more than 37 million global searches every month. There are 19 000+ plugins freely available in the WordPress plugins directory.

Among the various CMS providers WordPress is growing at an outstanding rate and this tells about that. Check out all the information of WordPress the Emerging Monopoly in CMS.

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