(Infographic) Safety and Security of WordPress Blog

WordPress Security

WordPress is one of the most used and popular content management systems (CMS) in the world. We use WordPress every day and we like the flexibility and what you actually can create with the CMS.

The fact that WordPress has become one of the most used CMS also increases security risks and more and more WordPress sites get hacked! So you should give some thought to the safety of your own WordPress blog!

Our friends at WPTemplate.com has created an awesome infographic about security issues associated with WP-blogs you must check out!

The infographic from WPTemplate.com gives detailed information about the security issues associated with the WordPress blogs.

It even provides tips that help the blog owners to harden the security for their WordPress sites and depicts clear data about the common types of vulnerabilities that occur on WordPress.

Safety and Security of WordPress Blog
WordPress Templates

  1. Thanks for the infographic, love it.

    It’s been long known that free themes are the doomage of a blog, and a pain in the butt too!

  2. “Do not install WordPress Themes that are available for free”, this is far from truth, especially when it comes to themes from WordPress.org directory. Even worse the statement implies that premium/commercial themes are more secure than free themes which is (sometimes) false as well.

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