Want To Create An App via WordPress – Here Are Some Resourceful Guidelines

WordPress has beautifully evolved from a blogging tool into an efficient web development tool. And now, it has evolved as a wonderful app development tool. This incredible open source CMS possesses over 40% of total websites and formidable fan following across the globe.

With the features like easy app development, it is expanding its capabilities and further defining new dimensions.

Not only WP (a fabulous blogging tool and CMS) has emerged as an astounding app development tool, but a bunch of the latest services and plugins are also available that ensure a more convenient web and mobile app development.

Let’s glimpse at the key aspects creating an app and understand the appropriate concerns and suitable solutions.

Application’s API – APIs facilitates easy communication between apps and services, or more precisely, between apps and websites. Here we have two options, we can either hook up into an existing popular service and deploy their database or create our own API. The former option is always a preferred one, but if one is interested in the latter option, don’t fret fortunately, we have JSON RESTFUL APIs including WP-API and  JetPack’s JSON API, which offers an ideal way to create an API.

  • Managing the Database – Creating a database is not an issue, as we are deploying WordPress, we can easily store and retrieve the requite data. Moreover, the versatile and flexible architecture of the WP allows developers to tweak it in a desirable fashion, thus, you can customize its basic architecture (boasting posts and pages) and create different content types as desired. And, since there is a plethora of WP plugins available out there, you can find a suitable one for easier customization and convenient database management. You may like to choose one like Toolset, Easy Content Types, Pods, Advanced Custom Fields, etc.
  • Managing the Content – Whether you want to offer your app users an easy access to the database or not, it entirely depends on the type of your application. However, it is advisable to better try the front-end experience as this will lend a more app-like experience to your app users. Fortunately, there are numerous forms available, that can facilitate users to update the database from the front-end itself. For this, developers, may integrate a form like Caledra Forms, or search a suitable one on Google.

Front-end Processes

The front-end of an app is the most significant part of the iOS and android app development, it must be designed and developed greater precision to ensure its smooth and consistent performance. Here are some of the important attributes of front-end that require ultimate attention.

  • Themes – Here you may face a bit difficult due to a drawback of WordPress that its template files violate the “separation of concern” principle; due to which you can observe a blend of HTML, JavaScript and PHP in a WP template file. However, this issue can be resolved, because luckily we have numerous frameworks out there that can allow you to replicate the MVC (Model View Controller) in your application. Hence, by implementing such frameworks you can create an effective and visually appealing design to develop a web app.

Instead of developing an app while considering each aspect individually, you can adopt a much simple and cost effective method, that is, by using a WP plugin. Yes, there are numerous plugins available in the WordPress repository that have been designed to facilitate app development.

Let’s have a look at a few of them.


Want To Create An App via WordPress – Here Are Some Resourceful Guidelines

This premium plugin is a great value for money, will allow you to develop an app within a few minutes.


Want To Create An App via WordPress – Here Are Some Resourceful Guidelines

This plugin will directly create a suitable application corresponding to your WP website. It will instantly initiate the app development process and app development time depends upon the size and complexity of your website. Fortunately, it represents a status bar, so  you can easily track the progress of the process. The plugin offers an HTML 5 application that you can easily activate and execute over mobile devices.

Reap the benefits of this rapidly flourishing platform and boost your business value. With this, you can create a remarkable web as well as mobile presence. Follow the aforementioned guidelines develop an efficient app via WordPress with utmost convenience and precision.