The WordPress Myths that Might Be Bottlenecking Your Online Endeavor

The wall-to-wall brilliance of WordPress has meant that the web development community and the technologically novice webmasters has been lapping it up with a keen desire.

The magnanimous quantity of features and capabilities of WordPress have made it the most sought-after CMS of all.

But there is still plenty waiting to be discovered.

WordPress is a Mere Blogging Platform

WordPress did start as a mere blogging platform, but it has come a long way since then. On this time and day, it is powering major corporate powerhouses to reach their web audience in a way most interactive and effective. WordPress has gone on to become the cornerstone of the most prosperous online businesses, and there is enough evidence advocating the same.

That said, the popular opinion however refuses to bow out. There is a massive number of folks who still label WordPress as a blogging platform that is not suited for business websites or eCommerce websites. But more than anything else, it is poor marketing on the part of that has led to this fallacy.

The latest WordPress versions have further elevated it to build a strong foundation for the most business-oriented websites. Its presence in the eCommerce sector is a testament to the versatility and all-inclusiveness of WordPress as a complete content management system.

Even on its Luckiest Day, WordPress isn’t Suitable for eCommerce

While this myth stems from the earlier one, there are also few naysayers who give WordPress its due credit for being suitable enough for business website, but they won’t even give it a chance to be used for building an online store. The popular opinion is that the WP structure isn’t suited for handling products and services details. However, this is a belief among those who are still looking at the WordPress of let’s say, 2011.

The last three years have seen a slew of improvements and multiple overhauls in the WordPress system. There has been a complete reinvention of this platform by the means of newer frameworks and plugins. The WP themes have become more powerful than ever, and supremely customizable. Any time you feel your website is not up to it, you can install the plugins from a massively large repository or get them custom made, for that matter.

WordPress Isn’t Fast Enough

Slow loading time can become the sore points for any website’s prospects, but to go with the presumption that WordPress websites are relatively slower than the websites running on other CMS platforms would amount to being widely far off the mark. WordPress can be as fast as you want it to be. Only thing, you need to understand that the achingly slow speed can be amounted to either you flooding your website with plugins that are not needed even in the long term, or signing up with a too-cheap-tobe-be-good hosting service provider or for that matter, choosing a theme that puts you on a wrong footing straightaway.

As I said, it entirely depends on you how good your WordPress website’s speed is. A juvenile approach to setting up your website and injecting seemingly overwhelming and rich features would do more harm than good to the site. It is no concealed fact that a large chunk of WordPress plugins do not deliver as well on performance as they promise, and instead, badly affect a site’s speed. Blame on their low quality coding or the fact that some plugins are uploaded by the hackers themselves to get an unauthorized access into the websites, the plugins make a website vulnerable or slow.

WordPress Isn’t Secure Enough

The WordPress Myths that Might Be Bottlenecking Your Online Endeavor

Let’s face it, nothing on Internet is impenetrable. Even those made with ironclad cover manage to get intercepted by the hackers or any malicious coders. To assume that the loopholes only exist with WordPress would amount to a great mistake. And if you have led to believe so, you have been misguided.

There is no system on the Internet that is 100% secure, per se. there are loopholes with just about every damn thing out there. And these loopholes are wide enough to invite hordes of malicious coders who are looking to gain unauthorized access into websites that they find good enough to be victimized. For the singular fact that WordPress is the most popular CMS out there, the attention is more often than not pulled in its direction. Does that mean WordPress is not secure? Not at all.

The ever growing WordPress community makes constant efforts to ensure that they give the hardest of times to the hackers who find it extremely taxing to break through the security algorithms that protect WP sites. And if you are still not assured enough for the security of your website, you can go ahead and install any of the several security plugins that guarantee much elevated levels of WordPress security.

These plugins are easily available. While you have a host of free WordPress security plugins, the premium plugins serve the purpose with even more confidence and effectiveness. Yes, they do make you let loose some cash, but the added layers of security make it all the more worthwhile.

WordPress Doesn’t Leave a Lot of Room for Innovation

WordPress can be molded for any domain. The WP themes, plugins and frameworks are amazingly versatile and all-encompassing in nature. While there are the niche themes for every field, there are also plugins that let you tailor your website for different niches.

Whether you wish to have a WP site for a hospital, or for a music store, or for that matter, for a specific brand, WordPress has themes for just about everything. But when we specifically talk of innovation, we refer to the flexibility in the code structure of WordPress. The quality WordPress themes are always coded in a fashion that they leave enough room for the developers to extend their original functionalities to something that really branches out and makes a serious headway.

WordPress Doesn’t Have Good Support

The WordPress Myths that Might Be Bottlenecking Your Online Endeavor

They don’t have a helpline number, if that’s what you are hoping for. But if that is making you believe that you are on your own and there is nobody to help you out when you run into a bug, you are just being widely off the mark. WordPress has a huge forum for you to reach out to and find answers for your long pending queries.

And you really don’t have to do a Google search for finding these forums. has its own set of forums that are populated by the developers and designers of highest caliber. And they are indeed available to solve the WordPress doubts of those who seek answers – be them novices, mid level developers or even the experts.

When you have made up your mind on building a website on WordPress, there is no need to zigzag into darkness (because that’s exactly what you will be doing if you go by these WordPress myths). When implemented with the right approach, WordPress can empower you to get a tightening grip over your audience by the means of a website that does not skimp on features or versatility. Glide past these WordPress myths and take the challenges (if and when you encounter them) and head on. WordPress will condition your online business for excellence.