WordPress: The Newest way to Blog

Since the advent of blogging, many writers flourished and enriched the ever opinionated world of the internet. Through the spread of various views and insights, people are no longer limited to just one point of view; they now have a myriad of voices to choose from.

I have written in blogs since it first became a readily available platform. I’ve been contented just voicing out whatever mundane meanderings my mind allows me to come up with. While playing on an online gaming portal called Partypoker, I learned of WordPress and its various advantages. When I’m not writing, I make a point of visiting the poker tables to keep my mind sharp and also to update myself on current issues that the regular folks are concerned with. With the online poker’s vast community, you will never get behind on news that affects the common man. So I decided to import all of my writings to WordPress and got started on a new article.

WordPress has over 120 languages available and allows you to import your blogs from other blog sites. Apart from its 3GB storage capacity on images, it also allows you to purchase upgrades that increase your space, transfer and existing domain and many more. It also allows you several options for team blogs where you can edit the level of access for each member. What I find convenient is the ability to send in new posts via email and attach images to it. It has made blogging easier than ever before. Now I can write about my poker exploits and attach an image of a winning hand so that my buddies will believe I had an elusive royal flush heard only from poker legends and in the movies. Sure, there are other blog sites out there like {Blogger} and {Tumblr}; they make blogging easy too. What I found most alluring about WordPress is the SEO training option that I’ve been dying to learn. A writer is only as good as his basics and what better way to improve as a writer than to seek formal training?

As I sign up and pay for the SEO training, I can’t help but wonder if it will ever get in the way of playing poker. Then again, with every other challenges completed under my belt, who says I can’t do both at the same time? The art of writing has now become both technical and creative; it is my duty as an advocate of information and opinion sharing to evolve with the times. Thanks to applications like WordPress, it doesn’t have to be painful or difficult at all. While the pen remains mightier than the sword, my quill will forever be in the service of those who care to read its mark. I just wish I was this sophisticated when I win at poker. But then again, maybe that’s not my style.

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