WordPress Theme Directory Finally Redesigned

The WordPress Theme Directory is finally redesigned. The new design was released yesterday. And what a difference it is! Awesome!

It was an eagerly awaited news and it was really needed. It felt like the WordPress Theme Directory since a long time stagnated and only continued in old routines and in a rut.

The new design for the official WordPress Theme Directory is now live. In early January announced the contributors on the WordPress Meta team a preliminary preview. They have since then been working hard to finalize the new redesigned WordPress Theme Directory. With the new design and improvements, WordPress themes are presented in a much better, informative, faster way and especially in a more attractive way.

Yesterday you could read a release comment by Samuel Wood on WordPress Meta team page.

After a bit of a longer two-day rollout than planned, the new theme directory is now live and functional.

The final result feels fresh and new. Check out the new design here.

WordPress Theme Directory Finally Redesigned

In the new design, all themes are presented with thumbnails into a beautiful grid view with infinite scrolling. Making it so much easier to browse and find a theme. Each individual theme is also displayed in a much more attractive way than before. You can easily and quickly find free WordPress themes by category: Featured, Popular, Latest and Feature Filters.

Both searching and filtering works much faster. Making it more user-friendly and reliable. Overall the entire update feels as something that has really been needed for a long time. I spending a lot of time here looking for new themes and this was a boost for me.