Ambition – Flat Business WordPress Theme

Ambition is a flat professional business WordPress theme provided by ThemeHorse, which is designed for any business to create a one page presentation for their products and services in order to attract more clients and customers their way. The simple and elegant theme allows you to quickly create a professional image for your business, while giving your audience an interesting presentation to explore and learn about your business. Many web elements are available to help you enhance the presentation of your business and give your audience more information about it.

Large Display View

The large display view is one of the most important features of this theme, which allows you to have a full screen presentation for your business. When people visit your website for the first time, all they can see is your website header and the featured image slider, which are designed to captivate the attention of your website visitors and create a good impression about your business. The header allows you to show your website brand professionally, while the featured image slider allows you to give your readers the general ideas about what your business can do for them, with the bold typography to keep their attention glued to your website.

Feature List Section

The feature list section allows you to list the features of your business in an interesting-to-read format, so that your website visitors know what to expect from you. In this section, you can list 3 of your business features per line, and you can add as many features as necessary to your home page. The features are displayed in grid, allowing your readers to glance through them easily. Each feature list allows you to display the feature icon, feature title, some feature descriptions, and the read more link. With a clean background, this section can become one of the best sections of your business website.

The Clients Section

Not only will this theme allow you to let your audience know about various features of your business, it will also allow you to feature your clients on your website as well. There are two main clients-related web elements that you can add to your website home page. The first is the client testimonials, and the second is the list of clients. The client testimonials section allows you to list the feedback from your clients, while the list of clients section allows you to list the client brand on your website. Combined with a strong call to action, you can easily attract more clients and customers to your business.

Theme Features

  • Professional and elegant layout design
  • Simple header with professional branding
  • Wide featured image slider area
  • Elegant content presentation
  • Recent work section
  • Feature list section
  • Call to action section
  • Client testimonials and client list section
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