EasyMag is a professional magazine theme provided by DaisyThemes, which can be used for news and magazine websites. The homepage is designed to show you various categories and posts that are available on your website. Each category will show the latest posts that are published in that category. This theme is also designed to give you the best monetization opportunity, with various different sizes of banner advertisements available in various areas on your website. It helps you to build a professional news or magazine website that can hook your readers’ attention for a long time.

Various Banner Advertisements Integration

This theme is designed to show a lot of links on your homepage, and not only that, it is also designed to give you the best opportunity to earn more from your website. There are various banner advertisements that you can place on your website. For instance, you can place a banner in the header area of your website, as well as some banners in the sidebar and content area. There are various banner sizes that you can choose from, depending on your preferences. The banners are placed in strategic places to ensure the highest click through rate for each of your banners.

News Headline

There is a simple yet important feature provided by this theme, which is the news headline feature. The news headline is a feature that allows you to show the hottest posts from your website in a form of one-line titles and descriptions that keep on changing. Your visitors can click these titles to read more about the hot news that are presented on your website. This feature can help you to keep your audience interested in your posts, since everyone loves to read about the hottest news about various things. The titles shown on the news headline are determined by the popularity of your posts.

Featured Posts With Slider

This theme provides featured posts area with slider on the top part of your website. The featured posts area is placed on the left side, while on the right side, you can place featured posts from various categories. The featured posts with slider allows you to place bigger images to show your readers about the posts that they should read. Then, the featured posts that are placed on the right side allow you to place four image links for the featured posts in each category.

Theme Features

  • Optimized for the best monetization opportunity
  • News headline section at the top area of your website
  • Featured posts with slider
  • Fully responsive design
  • Six different news layouts
  • Social icons
  • News ticker widget
  • Support for different banner sizes
  • Professional theme design