Edge is a modern and responsive theme provided by ThemeFreesia, which is most suitable to be used for the business blogging purpose. You can use this theme to blog about your business, writing various aspects about your business that make your readers interested in doing business with you. The social header available in this theme allows your readers to connect with your website nn social media easily, because the social buttons are clearly visible on your header area. The theme is designed to be clean and comfortable for your readers to read your content.

Flexible Design With Lots of Available Tweaks

This theme allows you to build your own design by tweaking various aspects of your design easily. It is designed with a clean and neat design, allowing you to easily add various elements to your website without cluttering it. This is especially true for the homepage area, since it is designed to give your readers various ways to access your content. You can also present it to them in the nicest possible way, such as by putting image links to some of your important pages. You can also customize the background image for your homepage, so that you can enhance the appearance of your homepage significantly.

Featured Post

What is the featured post that you want your readers to read immediately? You can add a featured post on your homepage, so that your readers can read the post right away. The featured post area allows you to display a big image for your post, as well as allowing you to display the first paragraph of your post, so that you can hook your readers to read your post further. The featured post area also has its own background color, which you can change according to your preferences.

Image Links To Important Pages

If you have some important pages that you want to show to others, you can create some special links on your homepage area. These links are not ordinary links, since you will use images as your links. Yes, you can create special links by placing a medium-sized background image on your links. These links can get your audience to the important pages that you have on your website. Moreover, it makes the overall look of your homepage more attractive.

Theme Features

  • Full theme customization
  • Special links with background images
  • Featured post with unique background color
  • Simple and professional branding for your business
  • Social buttons on your header area
  • Business contact information on your header area
  • Clean and flexible design for comfortable reading experience