Etrigan is an elegant and high quality WooCommerce WordPress theme provided by Rohitink, which is designed to be used for any website niche. Whether you want to use it to sell your fashion products or musical pieces, you can use this theme with no problem. This theme offers a big image header that helps you to show your brand in the most beautiful way. The whole theme design is built with a clean and elegant layout, allowing your readers to explore your website with ease and comfort.

Big Header Image

This theme provides a big header image that allows you to create a branding system that is beautiful for your website. Since the image is set to have a full width, it can help your readers to recognize your brand immediately when they visit your website. You can place a high resolution image for your header, and it will be displayed as a big image header that will show your website brand clearly. Your website brand will be placed in the bottom left area of your header image, with big bold title and a short description.

Big Recent Posts Image Links

The recent posts can be displayed on the home page of your website, and it has a grid-style format that allows you to show two images from your recent post side by side. With this image-only recent post view, you can ensure that your home page is filled with good images from your posts, which can help to attract the interest of your readers. Each recent post image is displayed in a big size, which if your readers hover on your recent post images, they will see the title of the post being popped up in the bottom area of the image.

WooCommerce Integration

The WooCommerce integration is an important part of this theme. With this integration, you will be able to show your products right on your website. The featured and most popular products can be displayed on your home page, and when your readers click on each product, they can go to that product page and make a purchase immediately. On the product page, your readers can see the product description, customer reviews, and the Add to Cart button.

Theme Features

  • Big header image
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Social media buttons
  • Big recent post image links
  • Add to Cart button
  • Clean and beautiful design
  • Bold and visible branding for your business
  • Featured posts in 3D image effect
  • Product showcase on the home page
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