FitClub is a fitness WordPress theme provided by ThemeGrill, which is boldly and elegantly designed for professional fitness businesses. So, if you have a fitness-related business, and want to promote your business to your potential customers, this is the right theme that you can use to build an official website for your business. With features geared toward presenting your fitness products and services in the most efficient way, you will be able to establish a strong reputation in your business niche by using this theme.

Featured Images That Blend With Your Header

This theme allows you to place high resolution images in the top area of your website, which is blended seamlessly with your header. It means that you can place your business logo, as well as the website navigation menu and social media buttons on top of the featured images to add the professional look of your website. The images do not rotate automatically, but your website readers can switch to the next featured image by clicking the image circles on the left side. On each featured image, you can add a bold title of your website features, a simple description, and a Read More link which will direct your readers to the specific posts that are linked to those images.

The About Section With Background Image

This theme also provides the about section that allows you to write some information regarding your business. What is interesting about this feature is that you can insert a background image for this section to make it look more professional. The title of the about section is made to stand out, with the bold and big font size. The content area is also quite spacious, allowing you to add enough information about your business, especially about the products and services that you offer. You can even allow your website readers to buy your products immediately by placing a Buy Now link at the bottom of the about section.

Recent Posts Integration

You can integrate the recent posts of your blog into the home page of your website. In this way, your readers will be informed about the latest happenings in your business. For instance, if you open a new fitness class or launch a new fitness product, you can simply write a blog post about it and your announcement will automatically be featured on your home page.

Top Theme Features

  • Awesome slider
  • Responsive design
  • Recent posts integration
  • The About section with background image
  • Professional header with featured images
  • Primary color options