Forest is a clean and beautiful WooCommerce WordPress theme provided by Rohitink, which can be used for any niche. This theme can surely give a comfortable feeling for your readers to browse your website and discover new products to buy. This image-heavy theme is designed to give the most pleasant experience for your website visitors to explore your posts. The blue and white basic theme color provides a calm and relaxing sensation for your audience to keep staying on your website for a long time.

Full-width Image Slider

This theme offers an image slider with full width, allowing you to showcase the high resolution images that you have. These slides can rotate automatically, or it can be moved from one image to the next by clicking the arrow buttons that are placed on the left and right side of your image. The full-width image slider can really help to enhance the look and feel of your website. Not only that, it allows you to tell your audience about the important features that they can enjoy on your website.

3D Featured Posts

This is an interesting feature that is available on this theme, which is usually lacking in other themes. This theme provides 3D featured posts that allow you to show your featured posts in 3D images, which display the images in various angles. You can put the best posts that you have into the featured posts category, and then you can display the images that are available on your posts along with the post title. Each post title has a beautiful background color that makes it interesting to read.

Simple and Clean Branding

Aside from providing a simple and elegant theme design, this theme also provides a simple and clean branding for your website. You can place your website brand on the left side of your header area, followed by the main navigation menus, search function, login link, and cart button. Though you only have a small header area, it has enough size to show your brand boldly to your audience. Combined with the calm and image-heavy layout of this theme, your brand can really connect with your audience and build a good reputation for your business.

Theme Features

  • Full-width featured image slider
  • Unique image links to categories
  • Featured and popular products
  • Featured posts with 3D image effect
  • Grid-based recent posts
  • Clean, calm, and relaxing design
  • Responsive design
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Clean and simple branding