Freesia Empire

Freesia Empire is a professional one page theme provided by ThemeFreesia, which can be used for any type of business. It is ideal to be used by small businesses, companies, and enterprises that want to present their business to their audience. With the smooth parallax scrolling and responsive design, you can provide the best presentation for your business, regardless of the devices used by your audience to access your website. The parallax scrolling works perfectly on any device, not just the desktop.

Customizable And Responsive Design

This theme offers a smooth and responsive design that can perfectly adapt to any screen size. Moreover, it offers various customization options that you can use to change each aspect of your website, especially your home page. With various types of content areas available, you can tweak each content area, so that each content area corresponds to the way you want to present it to your audience. You can also customize the animation effect for each content area to provide the best user experience for your audience.

Blog Post Integration

You don’t need to fix your home page to show only the information related to your business, such as the features of your products, company information, the pricing of your product, and so on. You can also add the recent blog posts to your home page as well. In this way, your audience will know about the latest news from your company. This feature can help to increase the audience engagement effectively. By showing the latest blog posts on your home page, your readers don’t need to click any link just to see the latest happenings in your business. It saves the time that your readers have, as well as add more useful content to your home page.

Customer Testimonials

The customer testimonials content area is available for you to insert on your homepage. By inserting the testimonials from your satisfied customers, you will be able to show your audience about the greatness of your products and services. This will in turn help your potential customers to make a more informed decision before they choose to do business with you. Moreover, by adding some customer testimonials on your home page, it helps to boost your business reputation and make your customers want to try your products and services as soon as possible.

Theme Features

  • Font size options
  • Color customization
  • Multiple footer layouts
  • Our team layouts
  • Slider settings
  • Blog layout options
  • Parallax widgets
  • Video widgets