One Page Business WordPress Theme

Illdy is a one page business WordPress theme provided by Colorlib, which allows you to build a business website with a professional and elegant look. The bold typography provided in this theme allows you to establish an instant reputation for your business, allowing you to hook your readers instantly when they take a look at the front page of your website. With various available web elements, you can always add more stuff to your business presentation in your website, giving your potential customers the best way to learn about your business.

Bold Branding and Typography

When you take a look at this theme, the most obvious thing that you will see at first is the bold branding and typography. The brand logo stands out beautifully at the top left part of your header, combined with the bold typography for the featured title, as well as the navigation menu. This combination helps to create a professional and elegant look for your website. The header is blended with the main featured image, providing you with a very nice look of your website. Below the featured title, you can add some descriptions, as well as some link buttons that your readers can click.

The Services Section

The services section is a special web element that you can add to your website, which allows you to list the services that you provide. This will help people to understand about what they should expect from your business, and how you can serve them. Each service is provided in grid, with 3 services to display per line. You can display as many services as necessary. On the grid, you can put the icon for your service, your service name, and some sentences of description about your service. This is very useful especially if you have a business that offers multiple products and services for your clients.

The Contact Us Section

If you want your potential clients to know more about your business by visiting your website, it is important for you to let them know about how they can contact you. The contact us section provided in this theme allows you to get in touch with your visitors easily. They don’t need to manually go to the contact us page on your website, but instead, they can simply fill out a form available on your home page if they want to contact you. So, if you want your potential clients to contact you right away, you can put this section on your website home page.

Theme Features

  • Bold branding and typography
  • Header blended with the main featured image
  • Full-screen featured image area
  • The about us section
  • Grid-style projects section
  • The testimonials section
  • The services section
  • Blog post integration
  • The contact us section