Lightly is a simple and professional WordPress blog theme provided by FancyThemes, which is most suitable to be used for personal blogging. This theme is designed to be simple and straightforward, which allows you to show the featured posts and recent posts immediately to your audience. There are no unnecessary clutters that are placed on your home page. It simply focuses on showcasing your content to your audience, which makes it great for personal blogging.

Featured Posts Carousel

The featured posts carousel is available in the top area of your home page, showing the image carousel of your featured posts. The featured posts are rotated, and you can change the number of featured posts that you want to include in the image carousel via the template dashboard. The featured posts can help to show your audience about the best posts that you have written on your website, and thus, it will encourage them to read more of your posts. Since the featured posts carousel is created in an attractive way, it can easily attract the interest of your audience to start exploring your blog posts.

Powerful Customization

For personal blogging, a powerful branding strategy is necessary. This is because you are essentially marketing yourself as an individual expert in your niche, not as a company. Personal branding can really help to spread the word about your skills. This theme provides you with a simple yet powerful branding that helps you to build a reputable brand for your personal blog. You can put your brand logo in the header area, which is clean from distraction and mostly dominated by white spaces. It will greet your readers immediately once they visit your website for the first time, as well as when they are reading your blog posts.

Widgetized Home Page

This theme provides a widgetized home page that allows you to change, arrange, and tweak every aspect of your home page. For instance, it is very easy for you to edit the placement of each page element on your homepage. You can edit the post count that will be displayed on your homepage, your brand, featured posts, and so on. With the widgetized home page feature, you can build your website in the way that you want to create it, giving you the complete freedom to add or remove each part of your home page to match with your preferences.

Theme Features

  • Featured posts carousel
  • Simple and powerful branding
  • Blazing fast speed
  • Widgetized home page
  • Home page slider
  • Intuitive interface
  • Spectacular layout
  • Eye-catching pages