Nitro is a WooCommerce WordPress theme that allows you to integrate your website with WooCommerce platform easily. This theme is designed to showcase various products that you have, as well as show the content that you have published on your website. It is designed to be elegant and professional, giving you a powerful branding for your website. The one-line header area allows you to show your brand in a simple and elegant way.

Zoomed In Featured Image

This theme allows you to add a featured image for your website, which can automatically be zoomed in when you hover your mouse on your image. This image area is not just there to showcase your high resolution image, but it is there to give your readers a short introduction about your website. You can use it to showcase important features of your website, allowing your readers to learn more about your website. You can also put some links in this area, so that your readers can read the full post about it.

Latest and Popular Products

Since this theme integrates with the WooCommerce platform, you can easily show the products that you have on your WooCommerce store on your home page. The Latest and popular products section is included in this theme to show your readers about the bestseller products that you have, as well as the latest product that you have. The most popular products are shown in small square images, while the latest product is shown in one big image with the price tag on it.

Top Social Media Buttons

The social media buttons are featured in the top area of your website, just above the header area. It means that the first time your visitors look at your website, they will be able to see the social media buttons right away. The social media buttons that are available include YouTube, Facebook, Google+, and others. Your readers can easily share your blog posts on their social media timeline with just one click. Combined with the one-line header that is featured in this theme, you should be able to strengthen the brand of your website and build immediate trust between you and your audience. This is important to boost the sales of your online store.

Theme Features

  • Simple header
  • Simple branding
  • Top social media buttons
  • Unique featured posts slider
  • Product showcase
  • Latest and popular products
  • Professional recent blog posts
  • Stylish and elegant design
  • Multiple fonts and multiple skins
  • Responsive layout