Oblique is a masonry WordPress theme provided by ThemeIsle, which allows you to build any kind of website easily, with elegant design. It offers various important features, including:

  • Elegant design
  • Responsive design
  • Beautiful menu
  • Custom post styling
  • Localization

Elegant Design

Oblique is a theme that focuses on elegant design, meaning that with this theme, you can build an elegant-looking website that can give your presentation a premium and professional look. It is designed with the perfect proportion and balanced typography to ensure that every aspect of your website is connected with each other harmoniously. The slanted lines and perfect spacing offered in this theme can add more beauty to your website.

Responsive Design

The responsive layout offered in this theme allows you to make your website look the same in various devices. Whether your visitors are accessing your website with a laptop or mobile device, they will have the same experience with it. This theme adapts with any screen resolution easily, making it to flow smoothly on any device with any screen resolution. This feature can help to maximize your engagement with your audience.

Beautiful Menu

This theme is equipped with beautiful menu that can keep your site visitors interested to browse your content. The more content that you can offer, the more comfortable your visitors will feel as they click on each beautiful menu that is available on your website. It helps with your site navigation too, since your website will be well-organized. With the sliding sidebar navigation, this beautiful menu can guide your visitors to access the pages that they are looking for.

Custom Post Styling

Not all posts on your website are the same. Some posts may tell your visitors about your business, whereas other posts may tell your visitors about your personal story. You have to differentiate between each post so that your visitors don’t get confused when reading each of them. With custom post styling, you can customize each post in the way that you want, making each of them unique and different from the rest. With customizable typography, you can change the fonts for each post to make each post unique, and of course, making it interesting for your visitors to read.


Oblique theme doesn’t only allow you to create a website with English language as your content, but you can also create a website with different languages as well. The localization feature included in this theme allows you to change your template language easily, so that it will correspond to the main language of your website content. You can do this without modifying any part of your theme code, since it is already available as a built-in feature.