Pashmina is a grid-based professional fashion WordPress theme provided by DaisyThemes, which is suitable to be used for fashion blogging, personal blogging, and lifestyle blogging. The clean branding on the header allows you to catch your audience’s attention to your brand the first time they visit your website. The image carousel on the top of the page allows you to showcase the latest fashion trends to your audience. The elegant and professional design for your website can help you to build your brand as a reputable fashion blogger online.

Customization Options

This theme is designed to build your brand as a fashion blogger with its clean header branding feature. The header area is made to be clean, and it is especially used to show your brand to your audience. There are no other elements available in the header area, and you can show your brand in the middle area of the header. With the spacious and clean header area, you can clearly show your brand to your audience the first time they visit your website, giving you the opportunity to boost your website brand without any problem. You can also put a short description about your business under your website title.

Image Carousel

The image carousel is placed on the top area of your homepage, allowing you to show your readers the latest trends in fashion. The images are rotated, so that your readers can pick the best fashion trend that they can learn immediately. The image carousel allows you to show three images at one time, with a big image for each grid, as well as the post title and date of publication. When your readers hover on the image, they will be shown with an arrow symbol, which signifies that they can click the image in order to read more about it.

Professional Post Style

This theme offers a traditional blog style for your website, which allows you to show the latest posts on the homepage of your website. Each post is shown in the professional style, with a big image from your post featured on top of your post content. On the left side of each post, you can see three important information related to the post, with author, publication date, and category information being displayed. This makes the impression that your post is written by a professional fashion writer that is reputable and worth to read.

Theme Features

  • Clean header branding
  • Image carousel to show the latest trends in fashion
  • Professional post style on the homepage
  • Optimized for ads
  • Social media sharing buttons
  • About Me section
  • Popular posts widget
  • Footer text widget