Passionate is a multipurpose WordPress theme provided by DaisyThemes, which can be used for various types of website. You can use this theme to promote your business, showcase your product, write about your personal activities, and so on. The theme is designed to be elegant, nice, and clean-looking, giving your visitors the most comfortable experience in browsing your website. The header is designed to be simple, so that your brand can stand out. The white spaces and font selection make your website more attractive and easy to read.

Feature List

You can put a list of features on your website, so that you can present your products in a better way to your audience. The feature list on your website can give your audience more information regarding what you offer to them. In this way, they can learn more about your products and services beforehand. You can show three features per line, and for each feature that you display in your list, you can let your audience know more about the feature by clicking on the Read More link.

Portfolio Gallery

You can also place your portfolio gallery on your homepage, so that you can show the samples of your work to your potential customers. You can show six images on your gallery, and when your visitors hover on your images, they can see the image title, as well as the link to read more about it. These images give a more professional look for your website, and it helps you to attract more clients into your business. You can let your clients browse the samples of your work before they decide to use your products and services. Combined with customer testimonials, this can be a great way to boost the number of sales for your business.

Blog Post Integration

This theme also offers a blog post integration that allows you to integrate the content from your blog into your homepage. You can show the recently published post from your blog on your homepage, to keep your readers engaged with your website. In this way, your homepage will not be static, but it will be dynamic with regular content updates. You can show four blog posts at one time, and it is displayed in four grids that are placed in one line.

Theme Features

  • Beautiful and responsive design
  • Theme customizer
  • Solid codes
  • Search engine optimization
  • Feature list content area
  • Customer testimonials
  • Recent blog posts integration
  • Big image slider