Patus is a clean and flexible theme provided by FameThemes, which is designed for personal blogging. It gives the publishers of any kind to tweak this theme effortlessly using various theme options available in the dashboard. The clean design of the theme gives you the best look for your personal presentation. It is designed with the traditional blog layout in mind, allowing you to give the readers some parts of your posts on your homepage. The elegant font used for your post title allows you to invite more clicks to your posts.

Full-width Page

The theme provides an option for you to create a full-width page, which is useful for creating important presentations on your website. For instance, if you want to show your readers about the product that you have, you can create a full-width page instead of presenting your product as a regular blog post. The full-width page feature that is provided by this theme allows you to feature some posts, so that people can read them without distraction. It can definitely help you to boost the number of sales for your products, as well as increase the number of subscribers to your website.

Clean and Flexible Theme Design

When you take a look at this theme, you can easily see the clean design that it offers. It doesn’t have any unnecessary clutters that may distract your readers from reading your posts. Your website can fit to any device without affecting the comfort of your readers in reading your posts. Moreover, the font used for your post title and content is very easy to read, and it helps to attract the interest of your readers to read your content. The header is designed to look clean and professional, allowing you to build your personal brand easily with this theme.

Drop-down Category

This theme allows you to use a drop-down category for your website, which helps your readers to find the category that they want to explore. Moreover, since it uses the drop-down category, it means that you don’t need to clutter your navigation panel with many links to your categories. Your readers simply hover the category link, and then they can see various categories that are available on your website. Moreover, the drop-down category has a smooth animation that adds more elegance to your website.

Theme Features

  • Full-width page option
  • Nice and clean design
  • Good website layout
  • Drop-down category
  • Professional personal branding
  • Complete customization
  • Custom theme widgets
  • Custom page templates
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