Perth is a business WordPress theme provided by aThemes, which is suitable to be used to build a website for companies and freelancers. The focus of this theme is to help freelancers and companies to establish their presence online, as well as to provide their audience with enough information about their business. So, if you want to let your website visitors know about what you can offer to them, then this theme is the best theme choice for you.

Grid-style Portfolio Showcase

This theme allows you to show your portfolio to your website visitors, which means that you can show the work that you have done in the past to your audience. This will in turn attract them into doing business with you. The grid-style portfolio showcase makes showing your portfolio a great thing to do on your home page. With no border in the images, your portfolio presentation looks perfect and seamless. You can categorize your images, so that your website visitors can see only the work that you have done in a specific category. When your visitors hover on the image, they will see a smooth animation that shows the title of your work, which is clickable.

Client Testimonials

Have you worked with some clients in the past? Let your website visitors know that they are satisfied with your work by adding the client testimonials section on your home page. This can help you to attract the interest from other potential clients and encourage them to use your services as well. The client testimonials section allows you to add a background image within this section. Also, it features the client photo, name, and email address. In this way, your website visitors will know that each testimonial is legit and comes from your real clients.

Our Team Section

On the home page of your website, you can add Our Team section to show your website visitors about the team that works in your company. The section is designed to let your audience know that the people who work for your company is friendly and ready to help your clients to complete their projects. The Our Team section consists of the photos of your team members, their email address, their position in the company, and their social media accounts. This can help your audience to know more about your team members before deciding to do business with your company.

Top Theme Features

  • Sticky header
  • Simple navigation menu
  • Simple and elegant branding
  • About Us section
  • Client Testimonials section
  • Company Features section
  • Professional footer
  • Portfolio showcase
  • Blog integration