Photobook is a professional photography theme provided by DaisyThemes, which can be used for photo blogging, photographers, and personal portfolio. It can help you to show your best photos on your website, and make it easy for your visitors to browse your photos and enjoy each of them. Using the grid-style images, you can show your latest photo uploads to your website visitors, with the ability for them to share your photos with others. The one-button menu allows your readers to navigate your website easily, without distracting your website visitors with too many menu links.

Full Image Slider Blended With Your Brand

The full image slider can be seen when you visit the website for the first time. The homepage is filled with the full image slider that is blended with your brand at the top left of your website, until you start scrolling the page. Your website brand is placed on the top left of the image slider, which gives a professional look for your website. You can place your website title, along with a short description, in order to create a strong brand for your website. Within the image slider, you can show your audience about various features of your website.

Grid-based Image Gallery

This theme allows you to showcase your image gallery in the beautiful grid-based image collection. The image gallery is located right under the full image slider area, so your visitors can easily browse your image collection right away. On the grid-based image gallery, your visitors can see the latest photos that are uploaded into your website, with the Load More option available on the last grid. When your visitors click on each image, they will go to the particular post for that image to read more information about it.

Catchy Social Media Buttons

Your visitors will be able to share each photo that they find on your website using the catchy social media buttons available above the footer area. The social media section is designed to be elegant and professional-looking, allowing your readers to simply click the social media button in order to share your image with their friends. There are various social media platforms available, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and more.

Theme Features

  • Professional-looking design
  • One menu button
  • Full image slider
  • Beautiful website branding
  • Grid-based image viewer for your image collection
  • Beautiful and elegant social media buttons
  • Load More button
  • Smooth and elegant scrolling effect
  • Sticky navigation menu button