Pixgraphy is an elegant photography theme provided by ThemeFreesia, which is best suited for any photographer who wants to show their work to their audience. With this theme, you can show your audience thousands of photos that you have, and present them in the most beautiful way. The minimalist and elegant design provided in this theme allows your audience to browse your photos comfortably, without any distraction. Also, the parallax scrolling adds a special animation effect when your audience scrolls down your website page.

The Big, Full Size Header

With this theme, you will be able to show your best photo right when your audience accesses your website. When they access your website for the first time, they will be greeted with a big full size header for your website. In this header, you can show your best photo, along with some descriptions about your website features. Also, this header has a slider function, which means that you can add multiple headers to your website. Each header will show a different high quality photo and feature description.

Flexible Photo Presentation

When you scroll down the page of your website, you will be able to see the photos that you have uploaded to your website. The interesting thing about this feature is that you will show your audience a flexible photo presentation based on whether you take your photos in the landscape or portrait mode. These photos are mixed with each other, creating the best photo combination for your photo presentation.

Amazing Footer Area

The footer area allows you to display your brand to your audience. You can put a good background image in your footer area, along with your brand, to create the best professional look for your website. The footer alone can help to enhance your website reputation significantly. Aside from the brand, you can display the regular copyright notice at the bottom of your page. The footer area is wide and spacious enough to allow you to add more elegance to your overall website look. It makes the overall homepage of your website look beautiful and interesting to explore.

Theme Features

  • Full size header
  • Header slider
  • Flexible photo presentation
  • Elegant footer area
  • Professional branding for your website
  • Compatible with WooCommerce
  • Responsive and beautiful design
  • Compatible with all browsers
  • Multiple layout options
  • Social media integration
  • SEO-friendly theme design
  • Slider settings
  • Multiple footer layouts
  • Color customization