Pixova Lite

Pixova Lite is a highly responsive one page WordPress theme provided by MachoThemes, which is suitable to be used to create a business presentation website with parallax scrolling effects. The theme is designed to be highly professional, with sticky header, main navigation button, full-screen featured image, and various other customizable web elements. The past projects that you have done are displayed neatly on the home page of your website as image links, along with the associated clients that you work with.

Clean And Sticky Header

The clean and sticky header available in this theme allows you to keep your brand in the spotlight. In this way, people can see your website brand all the time, giving you more chance to make your brand stick in their mind as well. The header area becomes transparent as you scroll down your website page, with the one button navigation menu that is available on the right side of your header. When you click on that button, you can display the main navigation menu on your header, which is normally not being displayed on your header in order to keep a strong branding for your website.

Latest News Section

The latest news section allows you to display the latest blog posts on your home page. With this feature, your readers don’t need to visit your blog just to know about the latest happenings in your business. With the latest news section, your readers can read the most recent posts published on your blog, and it uses a great layout to make your overall website look more appealing to your readers. In this section, you can show 2 latest news from your website, with each post features a big portrait image from your post, a bold post title, and some sentences from your post. Under this section, your readers can find the Visit Our Blog button, which will direct them to your blog when clicked.

Recent Works Section

The recent works section is used to display the recent projects that you have done with your clients, and you can display these projects neatly on your home page. The projects are displayed as image links, without any border that separates each image. This makes your recent works section look very appealing and interesting to explore. Under each image, you can add your client brand to let your readers know about the associated clients for each project, adding more reputation to your business. When your readers hover on the images, they can see the Project button, which will direct them to the associated project page when clicked.

Top Theme Features

  • Simple, clean, and sticky header
  • One button navigation menu
  • Full-screen featured image section
  • Parallax scrolling effect
  • Recent works section
  • Testimonials section