Pronto is a free WordPress gallery theme suitable for personal and business blogs. The theme features the famous masonry layout to display your blog posts in the grid view on the homepage of your website. It highlights the content and images of your posts to give them maximum exposure. Pronto is a complete post-based theme and doesn’t include any custom post types. It is a fully responsive theme where the grid layout automatic adjusts itself based on the visitor browser and device. If you are looking for a theme with minimal design and fast loading speed to create a simple professional or personal blog, Pronto can be a suitable option for you.

Ready-to-go theme

Pronto is a theme that you can start using as soon as you install it. The theme design and layout are predesigned so that users can immediately start posting after theme installation. Once you publish a new post, it will show on the homepage in the grid fashion. The theme also provides you a number of customization options to upload custom business logo, install shortcode & other plugins, enable post thumbnails, and enable/ disable various other functions of the website.

Masonry Layout

As previously mentioned, Pronto theme supports masonry or grid layout. The most of it can be seen right on the homepage where all your recent blog posts are displayed in the grid like fashion. Each section includes a thumbnail image, post title and some content from that particular blog post. You can choose the image you want to display as the featured image. The grid view of the Pronto theme can re-adjust itself based on the size of the browser or platform. The basic idea behind the masonry layout of this theme is to keep the design simple, light and attractive.


Pronto is a theme mainly suitable to create personal and business blogs, but it can also be used to create an attractive standard portfolio with the use of built-in gallery function from WordPress. This function allows you to insert a photo gallery anywhere in a post and upload images to showcase your work. Pronto WordPress theme can also be used to build a simple informative website.

Pronto Theme Features

  • Fully Responsive Grid layout
  • Minimal jQuery
  • Lightweight theme
  • Fast loading and processing
  • Easy customization
  • Attractive look
  • Plugins support
  • No hidden links or advertisement
  • Built-in gallery function
  • Featured image
  • Author archives
  • Threaded comments