ProtoPress is a simple and elegant grid-based theme provided by Rohitink, which is suitable to be used for magazine-style websites. The abundance of grids on the home page can give you the opportunity to show a lot of your posts at the same time. With the elegant and simple design, your posts won’t clutter your website, since these posts will be neatly placed on each grid, providing your website the best look that will attract your readers to read your posts.

Breaking News and Recently Trending Sections

When your readers visit your website for the first time, they will see two important aspects of your website: the breaking news and recently trending sections. The breaking news area is the four-grid area that allows you to show some important posts to your readers. This area will showcase only the images from your post, and when your readers hover on the images, they will see the title for each post and the Read More link. The recently trending section is offered in slider, showcasing your most popular posts. Each slider will show the post title, with big images that you can display on each slide.

Featured Post Area

The featured post area is different from the breaking news and the recently trending sections, because it showcases your featured posts in a unique way. Each featured post that you show in this area will be displayed as image links. The interesting thing about the featured post area is that you can set the image size according to your preferences. You can display either wide or square images in one featured post area. It gives variations for your image links, which makes your website more interesting to look at.

Clean Branding

Since this is a magazine-style theme, branding is very important for your website. With its clean design, it gives you the opportunity to create a clean branding for your website. The header area is dominated by white spaces, and you can put your brand in the middle of the header area. This is what makes your brand look clean and stand out. Your audience can easily see your brand when they visit your website for the first time, and it can surely build instant reputation for your website.

Theme Features

  • Clean and simple branding
  • Smooth navigation system
  • Clean and elegant design
  • Grid-based view
  • Featured post area
  • Recently trending slider
  • Breaking news area
  • Multiple blog layouts
  • Live editing
  • Customizable menu
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