Riba Lite

Riba Lite is a simple grid-based blog and photography WordPress theme provided by MachoThemes, which is perfect to be used for bloggers and photographers to tell their personal stories to their audience. This theme is designed to make each post that you publish on your website appealing for your readers, since you will present these posts on your home page with photo-style grid. With sticky header used in this theme, your visitors can easily see your website brand, as well as access the navigation menu anytime.

Sticky Header

Sticky header is one of the most prominent features offered in this theme, which is designed to make your website brand stand out all the time. The header is clutter-free and professionally designed, without any unnecessary clutters that can distract your audience from focusing on your website brand. Aside from the brand logo, there is the main navigation menu being placed on the right side of the header. Since the header is sticky, then your readers can easily access this main navigation menu anytime they need to explore the other parts of your website. Additionally, there are social media buttons and contact information above your website header, which can help your readers to share your content easily, although this area is not sticky.

Unique Image Grids For Your Posts

The way you present your posts on your home page is what makes this theme look unique and different from the rest. Since it is a combination between a blog-style and a photography-style theme, you can see that the unique image grid layout is the best way to go. There are two types of post grid offered in this theme: the regular two column image grid and the full-width image grid. You can use the two types of post grid freely, so that you can easily tweak the appearance of your home page. Each grid gives the most focus on your post image, with the bold post title, post author, and post publication time included in the grid. The image is clickable.

Clean Footer Area

The footer area in this theme is designed to be free of clutters, and it makes your website look more professional. The footer has two-column layout, and it allows you to add various types of web elements in each layout. However, you can usually add the About Us information on the left side of the footer, and then the Follow Us information on the right side of the footer.

Top Theme Features

  • Simple and minimalist design
  • Sticky header
  • Social media buttons on the top and bottom area of your website
  • Unique image grids for your post
  • Clean footer area
  • Search function
  • WooCommerce support