Risa is the best theme that can help you to show your personal style and taste to your audience. This is a highly responsive and professional theme provided by FancyThemes, which is most suitable to be used by personal bloggers. It is designed to be bold, allowing you to connect personally with your audience. Each recent post featured on your home page is designed to hook your readers immediately and make them want to explore your posts further.

Wider Post Area

This theme offers a two column layout that allows you to show your post area on the right side of your website. The interesting thing about this theme is that the post area is wide, allowing your audience to read your content with ease. Also, the recent posts that are displayed on your website home page help you attract the interest of your readers immediately. Each recent post displays a big image from your home page, with a big and bold post title embedded in your image.


The bold branding that is featured on your website can be a good way to build a strong trust between you and your readers immediately. As this theme doesn’t have any top header included, you will need to place your brand on the left sidebar of your website. This is what makes this theme unique and different from the other similar themes. With this layout, your brand is displayed side by side with your main content, which is great to establish reputation, as well as giving a nice personal touch for your website.

Navigation With Dropdown Menu

Aside from featuring your personal brand on the left sidebar area of your website, you can also place the navigation menus under your brand. The navigation menus are bold with the typography that matches perfectly with your brand. Additionally, you can also add drop down menus on each of your main navigation menus. In this way, you will be able to save some space on your sidebar, and keep your website structure organized. Moreover, you can also place social media buttons under your navigation menus, so that your readers can share your experience with their friends.

Theme Features

  • Wide post area
  • Dropdown menu navigation
  • Bold branding
  • Focus on content
  • Social sharing made easy
  • Responsive design
  • Brand recognition
  • Different color schemes
  • Post format support
  • High performance website
  • Optimized for SEO