Rocked is a beautiful and modern business WordPress theme provided by aThemes, which allows you to build a great business website for your company. So, if you want to create an official website for your company, this theme is a great choice for you. With the smooth scrolling and professional look for your website, you can easily establish the brand for your business. The sticky header feature allows you to display your business brand all the time, and make it easy for your visitors to explore your website.

Company Features Section

What are the features offered by your company? You can list the most important features of your business or company by using the company features section. This section allows you to add the feature list of your business, with each feature given the short description to attract the interest of your website visitors. You can also add a logo image for each feature, making the list of features more interesting to read and explore. Whether your company is good in management, planning, networking, and other things, you can list them in this section to let your website visitors know about it.

Sticky Header

The sticky header feature allows you to display the header area of your website, even when your visitors are scrolling your page. In this way, you can show your brand all the time, which helps to strengthen your company reputation. And since the header area of your website is not too big, it won’t disturb your website visitors when they scroll the page down. In fact, it will also help your website visitors to browse your website more easily, since the sticky header will also feature your main navigation menu, making the navigation menu accessible anytime.

Portfolio Showcase Section

What kind of work have you done in your business? You can show your latest work in the portfolio showcase section. In this section, you can show your latest work, projects, or products to your audience. This section is offered in image carousel, which allows you to display 5 images at the same time, without any space between each image. This layout allows you to make your portfolio look more professional and elegant. When your site visitors hover on the image, they will see the name of your project, as well as the project category, which is clickable.

Best Theme Features

  • Sticky header
  • Clean and professional branding
  • Simple navigation menu
  • Full-width featured image slider
  • Company features section
  • Portfolio showcase section
  • Client testimonials section
  • Client list section
  • Blog post integration