SingleApp is a one-page WordPress theme provided by ThemeGrill, which specifically designed to help app developers showcase their mobile app to their audience. This theme can be used as a kind of landing page for your mobile app, which allows you to show various features of the app, testimonials from the users, and the download links for the app. In this way, you will make your mobile app look more professional, and more people will be inclined to download your mobile app after seeing your app presentation. It is always better to have a standalone website to promote your app, rather than to rely solely on Google Play and Apple App Store to do it.

Professional App Showcase Header

The one thing about this theme that can make your app look so interesting is the professional app showcase header. This is the header that is placed on top of your website page, giving you the opportunity to showcase your app to your website visitors the first time they visit your website. In this header area, you can place a full size image, write a bold title and an interesting description about the app, put the download links for your app, and show the actual image of the app on the smartphone screen.

Unique App Features Area

The unique app features area allows you to showcase your app features to your audience. You can let them know about the main features of your app and give them some insights about what to expect from the app. In the middle of this content area, you can put the actual image of the app on the smartphone screen, with important feature points that are available on the left and the right side of the content area. Each feature includes a small image, title, and short description, which makes your app look more appealing to your audience.

The App Screenshot Image Carousel

This theme allows you to add various screenshots of your app, giving your audience a sneak peek of the actual app usage. The screenshots are presented in an image carousel, allowing your screenshots to rotate automatically. This gives your audience a good look for all of your screenshots without the need to move your images by clicking the arrow buttons. This feature can help your audience to decide whether they should download or buy your app or not, since you can show various aspects of the app user interface to your audience by using this feature.

Theme Features

  • More than 5 custom widgets
  • Call to action widget
  • Features widget
  • Featured page widget
  • Testimonial widget
  • Responsive design
  • Primary color option
  • Live customizer