SociallyViral is a WordPress theme provided by MyThemeShop, which is designed to boost viral traffic to your content, with beautiful design optimized for popular monetization methods. It offers various important features, such as:

  • Featured post
  • AdSense optimized
  • Social shares
  • Built-in ratings and reviews
  • Related posts

Featured Post

Do you want your website visitors to read the hottest posts on your website today? With featured post, it is possible. You can pick some hottest posts from your website and feature these posts on your homepage. In this way, your website visitors will notice about these posts in the first time they access your website. This feature can help you to add more viral traffic to your featured posts.

AdSense Optimized

If you want to monetize your viral website, the best way to do that is by using AdSense as your primary monetization method. AdSense allows you to display relevant ads on your website, which are optimized for the best click rate for each content that you have. This way, you can earn more money from your content. As SociallyViral theme is highly optimized for AdSense, you don’t need to worry about earning consistent income from your viral website.

Social Sharing Buttons

Your post won’t go viral if you don’t share it on social media. This theme is optimized for the best social shares, and it is fully integrated with various popular social media platforms available. With social media icons available for each content, you can ensure that each of your content can be shared on Facebook and Twitter easily. You don’t need to manually add the social media buttons into your website, since it is already available built-in.

Built-in Ratings and Reviews

With the built-in ratings and reviews, your site visitors can rate each of your content to determine their quality. They can also leave their comment on each of your posts, giving them their own ratings and reviews. With this feature, you will be able to maximize your user engagement, as well as making your content more viral. The built-in ratings and reviews can encourage more people to participate in the discussion.

Related Posts

SociallyViral comes with the related posts plugin that allows you to automatically display related posts in each of your content. This feature can help to keep your audience interested in your website, as they are presented with more and more content. With this feature, you will be able to minimize your website bounce rate, and maximize your chance to attract more loyal audience to your website. The related posts are shown in a way that invites your audience to click more of your content.