Storefront theme, also famous as the official WooCommerce theme is the most commonly used E-commerce WordPress theme out there. If you are looking forward to build a fully featured online shopping store in WordPress, Storefront is the most obvious choice for you. The reason why Storefront is the most prominent choice for a WordPress based online store is because the theme is deeply integrated with the powerful WooCommerce system, which is probably the most widely used E-Commerce CMS. In addition to that, this theme supports all the basic and advanced features of an online store platform. Storefront is an ideal WordPress theme for any type of online stores and websites.

Strong WooCommerce Support

There is a reason why Storefront is called the official Woocommerce theme. Since this theme is designed by the WooCommerce itself, it maintains the strongest possible integration with WooCommerce and its extensions. Storefront is like the dream child of the product that has been nurtured with all the features and functionalities of its parent. This is also usually the very first theme to get all the new updates of the plugin. If you want to feel the true power of Woocommerce, you should definitely try the Storefront theme.

Extensions Support

Woocommerce provides a whole bunch of extensions and all these extensions are available in your Storefront website. You can use built-in extensions and plugins to enhance the functionally, appearance, and performance of your online store. There is figuratively no limit on how much you can do with the use of right WC extensions. Some recommended Storefront extensions include Mega Menus, Parallax Hero, Storefront Designer, WooSlider, etc.

Custom Homepage

Storefront theme features a pre-designed homepage which can also be replaced by the shop page o any other static page. The default homepage allows you to put your favorite slider at the top with the use of right extension. The page displays all the important items from the store section, such as product categories, recent products, featured products, top rated products, on sale products, best sellers, testimonials, etc. The items are displayed in the grid view that can adapt itself to any screen size, thanks to the responsive feature of this theme. You can easily customize the homepage to add, remove, sort or change various sections, footer, menus, and other parts of the page.

Storefront theme features

  • Custom sliders
  • Unlimited extensions
  • Page builders compatible
  • Schema markup for SEO
  • Fully responsive
  • Easy customization setting
  • Advanced customization with storefront designer
  • Flexible and robust CSS grid
  • Storefront ideas board
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