Synapse is a beautiful and responsive theme provided by Rohitink, which is suitable to be used to build a magazine-style and news-style websites. There are many grids that are offered in this theme, and each grid can give your readers the best preview for your posts. It means that these grids can attract many clicks from your readers easily. It is also designed to be social media friendly, as the social media buttons are included in the top navigation system on your website. The clean header area allows you to establish a good branding for your website.

Featured Posts Image Carousel

With this theme, you can place your featured posts just under your header, meaning that your readers can see the featured posts the first time they visit your home page. The featured post area is offered in image carousel, which can be set to rotate automatically. You can show a maximum of 4 images at a time, and you will be able to show the images from each of your posts. Each featured post image displays the title of your post, with different background colors for your post titles. It makes your featured post area more colorful and interesting to look at.

Recent Post Image Links

This theme is set to show your most recent posts on your home page, which means that each of the newest published posts will be featured on your home page as soon as you publish them. The interesting thing about this theme is that the recent posts are displayed as image links on your home page. Moreover, you can also show different image sizes on your recent posts, giving you the best look for your home page. Each image link will feature the date of publication, labeled in different colors. When your readers hover on the image link, they will be shown the title of the post, with a beautiful animation.

Visible Social Media Buttons

This theme is designed to show your readers that your website is social media friendly. It means that your readers can easily share any post from your website to their social media friends with a single click. Since the social media buttons are placed in the navigation menu area of your website, they can immediately see these social media buttons as soon as they load your website. It gives them convenience in sharing your posts to their social media friends.

Theme Features

  • Clean header branding
  • Colorful labels
  • Beautiful grid-style format
  • Visible social media buttons
  • Recent posts image links
  • Full-width layout
  • Beautiful navigation menu
  • Featured posts image carousel
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