Travelify is a responsive travel WordPress theme provided by Colorlib, which allows you to create a website or blog about your traveling experiences. It is suitable to be used both by individuals and businesses, allowing them to attract more audience to their website easily. This travel theme is designed to look professional, while retaining its elegance and simplicity in the overall appearance. With various functionalities available, you can add various web elements that can give more information to your audience.

Professional Header with Social Media Buttons

This theme is designed without the full-width layout, which makes it easier for your website visitors to focus on browsing, exploring, and reading your content. The professional header also makes it easier for your visitors to see your website brand, which will then help you to establish more reputation for your website. On the right side of the header, there are social media buttons that allow your readers to share your website content easily to as many social media platforms as possible. You can allow your visitors to share your content on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and more.

Featured Content Area

The wide featured content area allows you to showcase the featured content from your website, along with the professional images that you have captured from your travel. The featured content area has an automatic rotation for the slides, allowing your visitors to see most of your featured content the first time they visit your website. Each featured content is presented with a wide high resolution image, as well as the featured content title and some description about the content in a transparent black background. Your readers can hover on the content title and click on the link to be directed to the associated content page for more detailed information.

Beautiful Recent Post Layout

The beautiful recent post layout allows your website visitors to keep reading your posts and keep visiting your website again and again. The one-column recent post layout is very beautiful to look at, with the beautiful image from the post featured in full width. Under the featured image, there is the post title and some sentences from the post. The read more button is available on the bottom part of each post, allowing your readers to click on the button to read the entire post. The other information provided in each post includes post author, post publication date, and post categories.

Theme Features

  • Simple header with professional branding and social media buttons
  • Featured content area
  • Beautiful one-column recent post layout
  • Three-column footer layout
  • Tiled gallery preview
  • SoundCloud preview
  • Full nested comment