Tribal is a simple portfolio website template provided by Rohitink, which focuses on displaying your posts as thumbnail images on your home page. This feature is what makes this theme look like an interesting portfolio template for your business. With this feature, you will be able to show your posts as a collection of images on your home page. With the simple one-line header area, you can show your brand in a simple way. Also, since it uses a two column layout, you can show your portfolio in the simplest way.

One Menu Button

To keep the theme simple, it uses a one menu button that is placed on the left side of your header. With this one menu button, you can click the button in order to show the main navigation of your website on the top area. The navigation menus allow you to insert the additional drop-down menus for each link. This will keep your website structure simple and organized. When you click the menu button, it will show the main navigation links. You can collapse the navigation links by clicking the menu button once again. With a smooth animation, you will be able to show your main navigation menu in a nice way.

Thumbnail Recent Post Display

This theme allows you to display your recent posts in the thumbnail format, allowing you to show six images per line. It means that you can show a lot of your recent posts on your home page, which is perfect for a portfolio website. If you want to build a portfolio website, you want your potential clients to see all of the work that you have done. With this theme, it is possible to do that. When your visitors hover on each of the images, they can see your post title.

Wide Content Area

When the visitors click on the thumbnail image on your home page, they will be able to read the post that you have published. The interesting thing about this theme is that it gives you a wider post area with a very nice typography for your content. With a wider post area, it ensures that your visitors can read your content comfortably. The unique placement of image, title, and labels is also a plus point of this theme. Your post image is displayed on the left side of your post title, instead of under the title. So, this gives your website a different look from many other similar portfolio websites.

Theme Features

  • Simple website branding
  • One click menu navigation
  • Top social media buttons
  • Scrollable sidebar area
  • Wide content area
  • Thumbnail style for your recent posts
  • Multiple layouts for your home page
  • Infinite loads for posts
  • Custom widgets