Ultimate is a business WordPress theme provided by ThemeHorse, which allows you to build a compelling one page business presentation on your website. The overall theme is designed to make your business look professional and reputable, with various web elements that you can add to your home page, such as featured image slider, call to action, feature list, portfolio, client list, and more. With a lot of web elements that you can choose in your theme dashboard, you will be able to create the business website just like the one that you have envisioned.

Clean Header Area for Simple Branding

What you will notice immediately from this theme is the clean header area, which shows your website brand quite strongly to your audience. The header area is designed to be clean, with lots of white space to keep it look professional. On the left side is your website brand, while on the right side is some social media buttons and a search function. Under the header area, there is a simple navigation menu with a different background color, making the combination look awesome for your business website.

Unique Image Slider Area

The unique image slider area can be used to display the most important features of your business, allowing you to give your readers the most important information the first time they visit your website. The unique thing about the image slider area is that it is not designed to occupy the full space of the area. First, you can add an image background in this area, and you can also add a big feature title for your image slides. Second, you can add background images for the individual features, and the slides will be displayed at the center of the area, not occupying the full space in the area.

Call to Action and Contact Us Section

The call to action and the contact us section basically have the same design in this theme. They are simple and small web elements that can be added to your website home page easily. The call to action section allows you to create a simple call to action message that will encourage your audience to take action immediately. It basically consists of one big call to action title, a short description, and the call to action button. The contact us section allows you to let your website visitors know about how to reach your business, by providing them your email address, phone number, business address, and Skype contact.

Top Theme Features

  • Clean and professional branding
  • Social media buttons and search function
  • Unique featured image slider
  • Blog posts integration
  • Call to action section
  • Service list section
  • Portfolio section
  • Client testimonials section
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