Unite is a responsive wedding WordPress theme provided by Colorlib, which is designed specifically to build a wedding website or blog, as well as any other image-style websites. The simple and professional design allows you to enhance the appearance of your wedding-themed website and keep your visitors glued to your content. There are various web elements that you can add to your website, and you will be able to tweak most of the web elements from the theme dashboard. You can also integrate your website with the WooCommerce platform, in case you want to sell your products directly on your website.

The Website Brand that Stands Out

The clean and simple design of this theme makes your website brand stands out from the rest of the web elements that you have. The brand name of your website will be placed at the top left area of your website, with no clutter surrounding your brand. The header area is designed to be clean, and it is reserved only for your website brand. In this way, you can easily make your website stand out from the crowd, and make it more memorable for your website visitors. Under the header area, your readers can access the main navigation menu of your website, along with the shopping cart information at the right part of the navigation menu.

Featured Image Slider

While most featured image sliders available in most themes are presented in full-width or full screen, the featured image slider of this theme is not presented in full width. There are still left and right margin areas around the featured image slider, allowing it to look good on your website. You can feature various images in your slider, and they can be rotated automatically. Each slide will feature a high resolution image, along with the featured content title and description. The featured content title and description have different background color to make them look more appealing.

Three-Column Layout

The three-column layout that is provided in this theme allows you to add various web elements in your content area. In this way, you can make your website look more appealing in your own way. For instance, you can add the recent and popular posts on the left column, a simple call to action message on the middle column, and a search function on the right column. The main content area can be made available as a one-column layout, and you can activate it from the dashboard.

Top Theme Features

  • Clean and professional branding
  • Featured image slider
  • WooCommerce integration
  • One-column main content area
  • Three-column layout
  • A simple footer area