Wellness is a beautiful, professional, and elegant WordPress theme provided by DaisyThemes, which can be used for the health and fitness niche. Whether you are a health instructor or someone who is passionate in sharing about various health and wellness tips to your audience, this theme is the best theme that you can use for your website. This theme is best suited to show your health-related products and services to your audience. On the homepage, you can add various features of your health-related business, about your company, as well as the testimonials from satisfied customers.

Featured Slider

On the homepage of your website, there is a big featured slider that you can use to show various important health information to your audience. The slider is designed to present the summary of the health information beautifully. You can put a big HD image in each slider, which will be displayed on the right side of the slider area. Then, your website visitors can read the summary of the health information on the right side of the slider, with the Read More link to allow them to read the full information on your blog. Since the featured slider is placed at the top of the page, it can help you to boost your website credibility.

Grid-based Image Links

You can place links to several important categories of your website by using the grid-based image links feature on the homepage. When you use this feature, you can add image links to specific categories on your homepage, so that you can make your homepage even more beautiful. You can use these image links to place links to various health services that you have. When you hover on each image, you can see the link title for that image, and you can click on that link to go to the specified page.

Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials area is also available on the homepage of this theme, which helps you to show your potential customers about the quality of your service. In this customer testimonials area, you can easily show several testimonials from your satisfied customers, which you can use to promote your service further. By placing the customer testimonials on your homepage, you can boost the conversion rate for your health products, and more people will trust your business.

Theme Features

  • WP Customizer integration
  • Featured slider
  • Customer testimonials
  • Image links
  • Header manager
  • Six built-in widgets
  • Built-in color scheme options
  • Social icons
  • About Us section
  • Blog post integration
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