5 WordPress Plug-ins You Need to Grab Attention

What can be done that would simply wow your viewers who visit your website? The competition of grabbing eyeballs of people across the globe is fierce and to be able to stand out in the midst of more than a billion people launching some new website or publishing some new article looks like a distant dream. So does that mean we can never think of making it big in the world of Internet marketing and have our website be on top of all the search results?

That is definitely not happening and this article will help you to know how you can avoid all that. For making sure that you have arrived and turning heads with your presence the first thing that you need to do is style your website that people cannot overlook it. It should stand out by its sheer look and that is definitely not a distant dream as many might have thought and this article tells you how.

WordPress plug-ins are here

Making your website fashionably good is easy with the help of some fancy plug-ins that eases your work and also helps viewers to fall in love with your website. These plug-ins add a whole new awesomeness to your website and works overwhelmingly well to increase website traffic and suddenly you see there are a lot of people talking about your website and a whole bunch of people sharing information of your website on their social media profiles. All of this just with the help of some of the most powerful plug-ins. So all that you need to do right now would be to know about the most important plug-ins.

The top 5 WordPress plug-ins that Work Well for your Website:

Digg Digg

WordPress Plug-ins You Need to Grab Attention - Digg Digg

Digg Digg is one of the most popular and powerful sharing bar and it seems to have gained a lot of popularity only recently. This makes up for a nice floating share bar for your blog post. This plug-in also helps you to add buttons as per your preference and it can be after or before the posts. If you still don’t have this plug-in then take it on board immediately to ease out your work with maximum benefits.

Hello Bar

WordPress Plug-ins You Need to Grab Attention - Hello Bar

If you are a blogger and still unaware about Hello Bar then it is a must for you to brush up your knowledge on WordPress plug-ins. All it does is add a line right above the articles and you can fill that space with any message that you wish for. Many have used this plug-in for the promotion of events and products to name a few. As far as the safety is concerned then let me assure you that this is one of the few trusted options that bloggers from across the globe trust. So when are you adding it?

WP Touch

WordPress Plug-ins You Need to Grab Attention - WP Touch

There has been a lot of craze on making websites mobile friendly so that the web pages are easily accessible on the smartphones, Androids and iPhones as well. If you are someone trying to make your website mobile ready then WP Touch is the plug-in that you need. The moment you install this plug-in, within a fraction of a second a user trying to open your website through mobile will see a nicely formatted website with the same web layout on their mobile screens. The scope for customizing your website for people viewing it through mobile is huge and it is because of this that this plug-in is one of the most sought after.

Sexy Bookmarks

WordPress Plug-ins You Need to Grab Attention - Sexy Bookmarks

This one plug-in is your solution for getting the varied social bookmarking options into your blog just at one go. Sexy Bookmarks also provides you the names of a few social networking sites that you are not aware of. It provides a very strong social support to your blog since we all know no blog is popular if it is not shared in the social networking platform. So here it is to make your job easy.

The Slide

WordPress Plug-ins You Need to Grab Attention - The Slide

Web designers attempt all the tricks of the business to ensure that readers stay glued to their website and one of the oldest trick is to provide readers a platter where they have the option to also read articles or blogs that are relevant to what they are currently reading. To provide such a platter all one needs to do is install the plug-in Slide that enables an option to slide into your page suggesting articles that are relevant to what you are reading. This is one of the most successful ways of keeping readers into your website.

These plug-ins are some of the most popular and widely used ones that everyone should consider these for WordPress Development. The benefits that each of these plug-ins provide are for all to read and by the purposes it serves everybody has become aware about its growing importance. So make sure you install them as well post reading this article.

 About the author:

Hello, I am Helen Lopez and I am a web developer from Santa Barbara, CA. I really like wordpress and love to share wordpress related news and articles to help other developers.

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