Must Have WordPress Plugins for 2014

Useful Plugins for Wordpress

When it comes to running your own WordPress site we know how annoying it can be to keep track of all the plugins you use to keep your site running smoothly.

Plus with the market constantly churning out new ones it can be difficult to keep track of which ones are worth using.

To make things easier we’ve picked out 7 of the best plugins based on how useful and popular they are.


Must Have WordPress Plugins for 2014

First up is Jetpack, this fantastic addition loads up your site with tons of handy features like stats, forms, email subscriptions, security and tons of visitor engagement tools like social networking.

Plus you can use it with Multisite so you can control all your jetpack connected sites on your network at once.


Useful Plugins for WordPress

Akismet is ideal for admins who have a hard time with spam as it constantly checks comments on your sites against its web service to see if they’re spam. Plus if it flags anything as spam it will then let you review it so you can spot these annoying bot-comments quicker.

Google Analytics

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This one is pretty straightforward and it’s a must-have for any WordPress Web Developer as it lets you track the various stats on your site with lots of colourful graphs and easy to reach charts.

Limit Login Attempts

Must Have WordPress Plugins for 2014

This is great security plugin that everyone should definitely download. This brilliant piece of software will bypass WordPress’s unlimited login attempt rule by implementing a limit to the number of incorrect logins someone can make. This is great as it prevents anyone from brute forcing your security by going through every possible username and password permutation.

Membership from Wpmudev

Must Have WordPress Plugins for 2014

A lot of online games sites use this one as it allows them to create their own membership programs for their users. It’s relatively easy to set up and it even lets you create limited access accounts for visitors to the site and full content accounts for anyone that’s either a member or a paying user.

iThemes Security

Must Have WordPress Plugins for 2014

In the last few months with the hacking of big profile celebrities, being able to guarantee security for your site has become paramount to web developers. This brilliant plugin gives you an arsenal of 30 different security methods to keep your site protected.

iThemes Security will regularly scan your site and report any vulnerabilities, constantly detect bots that might be looking for any security gaps, change the URLs for dashboard and admin logins as well as create backups for your database.

The database backup is ideal because if you run a site that has tons of information on it, you’ll want to make sure that you aren’t going to lose any of it.

Infinite SEO

Must Have WordPress Plugins for 2014

We’ve saved the best for last with this plugin, Infinite SEO allows you to boost your sites search engine ranking easily through the use of site maps, Meta optimization and the ability to link content throughout your site. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to make sure their site is right at the top of any search engines list.

So if you’re in need of some good plugins to use for your WordPress site then you should definitely download these.

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